Jerry L. Langland, Ph.D.

DevOps Architect & Manager

DevOps Architect & Manager

  • Specializing in the design, implementation and management of Trading, Portfolio and Risk Management Applications and Data Analysis and Distribution Systems. 
  • My first priority is to help my clients work smarter, not harder.  
  • My goal is to automate formerly clerically intensive processes, allowing a team of a few highly skilled individuals to deliver the same quality of services that previously required a room full of analysts and clerks.

(773) 404-2983h Ÿ  (773) 209-8399c 

Technical Architecture

  •  Architect (30+ yrs) designing and utilizing large scale data acquisition, distribution and analysis systems.
  • Programming (35+ yrs) in multiple languages and platforms: C#/VB.Net, C/C++, Delphi, VB, Java, Fortran, scripting, SQL, COM, CORBA, MTS, MSMQ, MQ Series  (30+ years in MS platforms).
  • Exchange, Notes/Domino, SQL Administration and Architectural Design (17 years) .
  • System Administration (30+ yrs) with experience in Windows/Active Directory, VMS, and UNIX environments.   
  • Internet (33+ yrs; 23+ WWW).

Quantitative Analysis

  • Analysis and dissemination (7 years dedicated full time, 9 additional years adjunct to other systems) of extremely large scale data sets using empirical modeling.
  • Applied Monte-Carlo simulation, multi-variate non-linear regression and other mathematical techniques to large scale data sets.
  • Developed VAR and Performance Reporting engines to support real time Attribution and Risk Management.  
  • Development of Portfolio Optimization strategies using NLR modeling techniques.

Organizational and Management

  • Directed multiple development teams (25 yrs) for Financial Services Systems and Quantitative Analysis. 
  • Successfully directed multiple mixed teams (internal, consultant and vendor) to implement large scale projects.
  • Managed multiple, mission critical, partner and vendor relationships, led integration efforts with channel partners and service providers.
  • Successfully managed relationships for joint development projects with multiple Big 4 consulting companies.
  • Key liaison and project manager on over 50 enterprise projects linking Risk Management, Trading and Back Office functions.
  • Developed strategic growth,  integration, implementation and support plans, budget projections and needs forecasting reports.
  • Built and managed teams establishing system policies, quality assurance, 24x7 coverage to support data centers, subscription services and Wide Area Networks.

Investments Knowledge

  • Design systems (25+ yrs) for Futures, Options, Commodities, Separately Managed Accounts, Equities, Fixed Income and Funds.
  • Focus on VAR Management, Portfolio Optimization,  Performance Measurement, Trading and Back Office Integration.
  • 15+ years advising RIA's, Benefits Consultants and Financial Services Application Service Providers on reporting requirements.
  • 25+ years managing integration projects between small to midsized ASP's and top tier Investment banks, ensuring best IT practices, due diligence and compliance with Investment Bank requirements.