Jerry L. Langland, Ph.D.

DevOps Architect & Manager

Consultant-President Software Guru, Inc.

August 2002 - Present

 Provide both infrastructure and application development support to both financial services firms and the traditional SMB market.
  • Provide firms with managed teams of highly skilled, difficult to locate specialists for application development.
  • Provide 24x7 data center production and corporate systems support.
  • Recent and current client lists includes:
  • Portfolio Auditing Services
  • Syndicated Loan Trading Platform
  • Benefits Consultants
  • Financial Services ASP's
  • RIAs
  • Wealth Management/Family Office Reporting Platorms
  • Internet Television and Broadcasting Company as well as multiple traditional Small to Mid Sized businesses.

Client: Blaze Portfolio Systems

  • Infrastructure Manager, DevOps Architect, January 2016 to Present
    • Manage RackSpace Private Cloud Infrastructure & Relationship
    • Manage & adminster FIX Connections with trading partners.
    • Developed Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan
    • Deployed geographically distinct, vendor distinct warm spare VMWare Cloud environment.
    • Full migration of all production servers to new SAN based VMWare Cluster
    • Deployed new Development Cloud.
    • Work with Enterprise Clients in deploying BPS trading platform

Client: Virtus Partners LLC (Virtus Trade Settlement)

  • February 2015 – August 2015 
    • Post-acquisition integration of Virtus and Trade Settlement, Inc. hardware and software infrastructure 
    •  Replace SungardAS web and SQL Servers with Virtus Rackspace servers, migrate application and support infrastructure. 
    • Move issue tracking system from Fogbugz to Jira, code management from Source Gear Vault to TFS. 
    • Assist in bank client audits of both TSI and the new VTS (Virtus Trade Settlement) application and infrastructure. 
    • Decommission old office and server infrastructure, migrate users and service applications to Virtus Cloud environment.

Client: NCREIF--National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries

  • April 2014 – January 2015 
    • Re-Architect and lead development of new Data Submission and Index Production Application (C# WnForms) 
    • Architect and develop Member Web Portal (C# ASP.Net WebForms) providing platform for next generations Investment Analytics system.
    • Implement internal development standards, procedures, version control, issue tracking and new 3 tier development platform. 
    • Consolidate production environment, implement new development, staging and production systems.

Client: Trade Settlement, Inc.

Full Time: 2007-2008; Project Basis: 2010-August 2015

  • Recent Project Based Services
    • Managed implementation of secondary failover cloud environment at Sungard Availability Services
    • Principal Administrator for production servers in Sungard Cloud as well as corporate infrastructure servers. Vendor relationship manager.
    • Migrated production environment from Amazon Web Services to Sungard Cloud
    • Migrated production environment from ATT Managed hosting to AWS.
    • Primary relationship manager and administrator TSI and ATT
  • Prior full time achievements
    • Managed client review and auditing for TSI.  TSI's clients are all top tier banks which require audits to be performed initially and periodically.  I managed this process for TSI.
    • Managed 7 production servers including Windows 2003 Cluster.  The production environment processed $10B per month in syndicated loans. 
    • Designed, developed, implemented and regularly tested Investment Bank mandated disaster recovery and business continuity plans and systems.
    • Grew corporate and development infrastructure from 1 internal file server and 5 external hosted servers to 16 internal servers and a SAN in NYC, and a branch server and VMs in Dublin Ireland joined by VPN network. Hyper-V servers hosting another 30 Virtual Servers.  
    • Built automated infrastructure management and monitoring system that allowed 2 administrators to fully manage and maintain a combination of 80 physical and virtual servers.  All servers had centralized full audit trail monitoring of physical, operating system, security and application events.
    • Migrated production and development databases from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008, and eventualy 2008 R2.  Worked with lead developer and QA team to ensure application reliability.
    • Hiring and training of both administrators and developers
    • Provided strategic advise and consultation on technology architecture, security, compliance and requirements for meeting large bank IT data and security standards. 

Client: Harvest Investments, Ltd.

Full Time: 2009-2013; Project Basis: 2002-2009; 2013-Present

  • Design and Implementation of a Security Master and Price Master System for Portfolio Auditing
  • Nightly Processing of:
    • All US Equity Trades (all US Exchanges)
    • All US Municipal Bond Trades
    • All US Corporate Bond Trades
    • Significant percentage of world wide US Treasury Trades
  • Design and Implementation of Level 2 Pricing System for days with no reported trades in a security.
  • Multi-Terabyte SQL warehouse database system
  • Multi-feed Security Master System
    • Moody's Analytic's
    • S&P Ratings
    • Nightly Bloomberg BSYM
    • Integrated Bloomberg Data License feed
  • Design and Implementation of Automated Portfolio Auditing and Compliance System
    • SQL 2012 Back End
    • MSMQ Based .Net WinForms Analytic's application for Research and Price Analysts
    • Integrated real time reporting system
    • Client Reporting System, Client Portal Website
    • Comprehensive Knowledge Management System with integrated Contact Management System
    • Designed, implemented and managed disaster recovery and business continuity plans and infrastructure.
    • Designed and led implementation of all hardware/software infrastructure for the company.
      • Multiple Equallogic Storage Arrays spanning primary and secondary production facilities.
      • SQL Server 2012 Enterprise High Availability Group Failover Cluster of multi-dabase, multi-terabyte system.
      • Design and performance optimization of large scale analytic SQL Server database system.
      • Multiple Hyper-V server array system for Application VM Servers
      • Integration of Exchange/Sharepoint/TFS system with both the Application Support System as well as the over all Application Life-Cycle.