Jerry L. Langland, Ph.D.

DevOps Architect & Manager

Multiple Clients: Software Guru, Inc and SHG Services LLC.

Project Basis: 2002-Present, Primary Focus 2006-2007

As a consultant I have worked with a large number of clients.  Most of my clients are smaller financial services companies with fewer than 100 employees that need to provide custom expertise to highly specialized clients or larger financial services firms.  I often pair with other boutique consulting firms such as Infograte, Inc. to provide these services.  Projects have included:

  • Infrastructure auditing and improvement for RIA's and Benefit Consultants.
    • Infrastructure assessment
    • Technology improvement plans
    • Vendor assessment and selection
    • Hardware and Software acquisition and implementation. (SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, CRM, Accounting Systems)
  • Client Reporting Web Applications for RIA's and Benefit Consultants.
  • Portfolio Accounting System and Performance Reporting System selection, implementation, initial operation and end user training for RIA's, BC's, and Financial Services Application Service Providers

In 2007 I took on Trade Settlement Inc. as a client and the work for them rapidly increased until I was focused exclusively on them.  When we finished up our primary build out, my time freed up once again to focus on multiple clients, in particular multiple system assessment studies for RIA's and Benefit Consultants before my project work for Harvest increased to 40 hours per week, and I focused on them almost exclusively.  We finished our main build out in January and 2013 and currently I do project and level III+ support for both Harvest and TSI.

Client: Private Client Resources, LLC.

Full time: 2002-2005 
  •  Built out High Wealth Investor/Advisor reporting platform. 
    • Started with 4 servers and built out to 35 physical servers both corporate and 24x7 production environment. 
    • Implemented 24x7 production environment to meet the requirements of large banks and institutional clients. 
    • Implemented investment bank/advisor level policies and procedures for management and monitoring of the application and client sensitive data. 
  • Hired and managed Systems, Help Desk and Development Staff. 
  • Built out and Managed 24x7 production environment for the collection, normalization and reporting of high wealth client investment data. 
  • Worked to integrate Systems and Development schedules and priorities, worked to integrate Operation and Business team needs and deliverables with systems resources and development schedule. 
  • Designed, developed business continuity and disaster recovery plans compliant with Investment Bank requirements.
  • Managed client and investment bank audits of PCR.

Insignis, Inc. (formerly Applied Financial Management, Inc.)

Salaried Employee: 1995-2001


Vice President IT Strategy and Senior Network Architect.

  • Lead architect, project manager and principle client contact at the SVP level for real time (STP) trading and portfolio management system for multiple clients, including Barclays Bank, Cargill Investments Services and others.  Integration with exchanges and service providers such as the CME, CBOT, GL, PATS, PC Quote, CQG, Reuters, FIX.   Development in Delphi, C/C++, Java.
  • Lead architect, project manager and principle client contact at the SVP level for multiple broker-client-custodian subscription based financial services network.  Initial rollout to General Motors, Chase Manhattan,  Morgan Stanley, Salomon-Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs,  Merrill Lynch, Cargill Investor Services.  Development in C/C++, awk,  Java, Lotus Notes, VB, Tranact SQL.
  • Managed multiple teams of developers and systems administrators in the deployment and support of financial services applications.
  • Developed distributed trading system for Futures, Commodities and Equities using a messaging based middleware and SQL Server backend.  Development in Delphi, VB, C/C++, ASP, XML, MS SQL, MSMQ, COM, MTS.
  • Integrated trading system with Risk Management, Portfolio Accounting, and Performance Reporting systems to facilitate Straight Through Processing.   Development in Visual Basic, C/C++, Java, ASP, XML, VBA, Excel, Access, COM.
  • Designed and implemented fully automated multi-broker back office Reconciliation, Performance Reporting and Risk Management system for $30B notional value futures and commodities portfolio, to combine and normalize disparate broker formats such that it was delivered directly to clients overnight for sophisticated Value At Risk reporting and performance management.  Development in MS SQL, Lotus Domino (LotusScript/VBA}, Excel-Access-VBA, Java, Javascript, awk, perl.
  • Develop support infrastructure for $35B equities and Fixed Income Performance Reporting service.  Development in Transact-SQL, Delphi, C/C++, dBase, Paradox, Access, NT/Shell, network.  Principle client was CNA.
  • Financial Market Modeling/VAR of futures/options products.  Hedging and trading strategies, portfolio optimization.  Development in C, Fortran.
  • Financial and corporate modeling and research to support first round funding. Evaluation of product alignments and integrability for corporate M&A.
  • Migrated original company product from Sun/Sybase to NT/SQL Server, built all new GUI interfaces.  Development in Delphi, C, SQL Anywhere, Sybase.
  • Responsible for budgeting, revenue projections, and technical due diligence.

Envestnet, Inc.

Salaried Employee 2001-2002

Director of Systems Development, November 2001 to August 2002

  • Successfully integrated the IT infrastructure and teams of two financial services companies after merger. 
  • Managed IT Infrastructure and Systems team with multi-million dollar budget to support all corporate IT systems and data centers.
  • Developed integrated, secure network to capture and import disparate data feeds from custodians, data feeds, for STP system. Development in SQL Server, Delphi, NT-Shell, PGP.
  • Evaluated Service Provider environment portability to .Net framework. Prototype and comparison testing of VB.Net, C#, Java, DTS, C, SQL parsers, translators , loaders and application middleware components.
  • Developed and led implementation of corporate Enterprise Resource Management plan to integrate CRM, Accounting, Help Desk, Client Services, Operations and proprietary Financial Trading and Accounting System into a single 360client-centric view.  Development in Siebel and SQL Server.
  • Relocated Trading Desk operations to Chicago and associated systems and compliance facilities.

Technology Consulting Manager, June 2001 to November 2001

  • Managed corporate technology relationships in large scale client build outs, perform needs analysis, RFP and Due Diligence Process management.   Clients included American Express, DTB, Fidelity, Schwab, APL, and others.
  • Defined product, technology and security changes and modifications to meet client needs.
  • Analysis and architectural design for integrating portfolio accounting systems (Internal, APL, Advent, GIM II, PAM). Development in SQL Server, Informix, C/C++, Javascript, Cold Fusion.
  • ŸRedesign database security model adding hierarchical client structure (Enterprise, Firm, Branch, Advisor, Investor) allowing for security and permissions to be adjustable/cascaded at all levels.  Development in Transact-SQL (MSSQL), Cold Fusion.
  • Evaluate and analyze acquired company’s product line, IT infrastructure, employee performance.  Create technology integration recommendations, employee retention plans, manage acquired employee morale for Technology team.
  • Manage technical requirements, procedures and practices for corporate integration following merger.

Research Associate University of Iowa.

80+ hours per week: 1990-1995

  • Designed and implemented multiple high speed, distributed, 24x7 UNIX and VMS based transactional message queuing systems for extremely high speed data acquisition and analysis.  Development in Fortran, C, Visual Basic, Excel, sh, awk.  System transaction processing rates of 100 to 10,000 transactions per second. Up to 1 Gb/minute compressed data acquisition and recording capability.
  • Performed large-scale large scale statistical analysis of strange particle production data, using Monte Carlo simulation, multivariate nonlinear regression, relational data analysis and other techniques. 100+ Gigabyte initial data set. Work done mainly on mixed AIX/IRIX distributed computing environment, along with additional support work on VMS and MS Windows and Macintosh based systems. Intensive statistical programming development in Fortran, C, Visual Basic, Excel, sh.
  • Development of multiple PC applications in Borland C++ using Protogen CASE tool.  

Contract Work & Undergraduate Work


  • System Integration, network installation and management, G/L Accounting System installation & maintenance..  SunOS, Novell, PC, various microprocessor systems.
  • Installation and maintenance of Great Plains Accounting System for multiple clients.
  • ŸCustom programming in Basic, Turbo-Pascal, C.
  • 1985-1988:  Director of Tutoring Services, New Mexico Tech.  Rebuilt the tutoring system under direction of the Dean and Vice Dean of the University.  Built first scheduling database system for the program (Apple IIe).  Hired, managed and trained tutors.